Think Before You Throw

About Us

Eastern Waste Management under the direction of Eastern Regional Service Board is responsible for putting the Provincial Waste Management Strategy into action in the Eastern Region of the province. This work includes three core goals:

  1. Advance the implementation of modern waste management practices,
  2. Divert materials from disposal in the landfill, and
  3. Close the 42 community landfills that operated in the region. 

In addition to this mandated work, Eastern Waste Management has expanded its services to the 163 communities and 270,000 people in the region to include curbside garbage collection, curbside recycling, bulk item pick-up and household hazardous waste community collection events. 

The Province has chosen the Robin Hood Bay facility to be the focus for landfill and diversion services/facilities. The City of St. John’s operates the Robin Hood Bay facility for the benefit of the region.