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The Eastern Regional Service Board was charged with implementing the regional plan developed by its predecessor committee – Eastern Waste Management for the 163 communities and 270,000 people in the eastern region. The plan was developed to accomplish three broad goals:
  • advance the implementation of modern waste management practices,
  • divert materials from disposal in the landfill, and
  • close the 42 community landfills that operated in the region. 
As of December 31, 2012 there were 5 community landfills operating in the eastern region with 37 operationally closed in accordance with the Eastern Regional Plan. The Province has chosen the Robin Hood Bay facility to be the focus for landfill and diversion services/facilities. The City of St. John’s operates the Robin Hood Bay facility for the benefit of the region.
While many of the larger urban communities have dedicated waste fleets the smaller municipalities, local service districts and unincorporated areas have been brought together in joint service delivery contracts that allow for efficient and effective collection, transport and diversion of waste materials.   The ERSB provides direct service to approximately 18,000 households and businesses through these contracts. This includes weekly waste collection, biweekly recyclables collection (fiber and containers), and regular bulk garbage collection events.
In addition to the roadside/curbside collection ERSB also operates a series of waste recovery facilities throughout the region to ensure that residents have ready access to services/facilities to dispose of household bulk items. Throughout the year household hazardous waste collection events take place to allow residents to properly dispose of these hazardous materials.
ERSB operates as Eastern Waste Management and is committed to achieving 50 percent waste diversion for communities in the Eastern Region. As we continue to develop a better understanding of communities, businesses and people within the region, and further develop a sustainable plan that benefits the environment, expanded services like curbside recycling have become available. In conjunction with government departments and the Multi Material Stewardship Board (MMSB), we will be diligent in educating the public on the importance of waste diversion and encouraging everyone to become actively engaged.


Structure of the Eastern Regional Service Board

The operations of the ERSB are overseen by a Board of twenty municipal government representatives led by a chairperson appointed by the Province. These twenty members are either nominated by their respective Council or are elected by the Councils in a sub-region to represent the sub-region at the Board. 


Eastern Regional Service Board Members - Appointed/Reappointed effective March 12, 2014:


Chair:  Ed Grant

Vice-Chair:  Harold Mullowney (Southern Shore)
Dave Aker (Mount Pearl)
Gordon Stone (Trinity Conception North)
Bill Bailey (Clarenville & Isthmus)
Danny Breen (St. John’s)
Peggy Roche (Metro)
Bernard Davis (St. John’s)
Wally Collins (St. John’s)
William Woodman (Southwest Avalon)
Joy Dobbie (Trinity Bay South & Isthmus East)
Jonathan Galgay (St. John’s)
Ken McDonald (Conception Bay South)
Dave Lane (St. John’s)
Dennis O'Keefe (St. John’s)
Art Puddister (St. John’s)
Tom Hann (St. John’s)
Sandy Hickman (St. John’s)
Bruce Tilley (St. John’s)
Sterling Willis (Paradise)
Sam Whalen (Bay Roberts)

Eastern Regional Service Board - Committees


Finance & Audit 
Danny Breen, Committee Chairperson Members: Dave Aker, Bill Bailey, Bernard Davis, Jonathan Galgay and Gord Stone
Read the Finance & Audit Terms of Reference
Harold Mullowney, Committee Chairperson Members: Sandy Hickman, Peggy Roche, Sterling Willis and Bill Woodman
Read the Governance Terms of Reference
Strategy & Policy
Sandy Hickman, Committee Chairperson Members: Joy Dobbie, Tom Hann, Ken McDonald and Dennis O'Keefe
Read the Strategy & Policy Terms of Reference


Sub-Regional Waste Management Committees and Representation


Within the Eastern Region a series of sub-regional waste management committees have been established to develop landfill site closure options and to work with the ERSB to implement modern waste management practices in the local area. The sub-regions are depicted in REGIONS section of this website.

The Chairperson/representative of the sub-regional management committees are as follows:

Bay Roberts - Sam Whalen, Deputy Mayor, Town of Colliers

Clarenville & Isthmus - Bill Bailey, Councillor, Town of Clarenville

Conception Bay South - Ken McDonald, Mayor, Town of Conception Bay South

Mount Pearl - Dave Aker, Councillor, City of Mount Pearl

Paradise - Sterling Willis, Councillor, Town of Paradise

Metro - Peggy Roche, Councillor, Town of Torbay

Southern Shore - Harold Mullowney, Deputy Mayor, Town of Bay Bulls

Southwest Avalon - William Woodman, Councillor, Town of Placentia

Trinity Bay South & Isthmus East - Joy Dobbie, Chairperson, Local Service District of Cavendish

Trinity Conception North - Gordon Stone, Councillor, Town of Harbour Grace

St. John's - Mayor Dennis O'Keefe and Councillors Danny Breen, Wally Collins, Bernard Davis, Jonathan Galgay, Tom Hann, Sandy Hickman, Dave Lane, Art Puddister and Bruce Tilley 

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