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What is the role of Eastern Waste Management?

The role of EWM is to design an integrated waste management service allowing the 163 communities of the Eastern Region to close 42 landfills in the region and focus diversion efforts on the single Regional Integrated Waste Facility located at Robin Hood Bay. The new collection contract will transport solid waste to Robin Hood Bay and allow the New Harbour landfill to permanently close.

The objective of EWM is to support the goals of the Provincial Waste Management Strategy at a reasonable cost while maximizing public accessibility and maintaining open and consistent communications with the residents, businesses and municipal stakeholders of the Eastern Region.

Southern Shore Waste Management (SSWM) and EWM are committed to reaching the 50% diversion target for the communities involved. As we develop a better understanding of the needs of each community and develop a sustainable plan that benefits the environment, business and people within the region, additional services will be made available. In conjunction with Government Departments and the Multi-Material Stewardship Board (MMSB) they will continue to be diligent in developing a program to educate the public on the importance of waste diversion. As the project proceeds, EWM will inspire confidence and support while maintaining goodwill once implementation begins.

Why is Waste Management changing?

With the implementation of the Government’s Provincial Waste Management Strategy, all communities must upgrade to modern waste management practices and adopt diversion goals. The existing New Harbour landfill has to close as part of this strategy. Environmentally harmful practices such as open burning of garbage at landfill sites and the use of teepee incinerators have been banned in the Province. By 2010, all waste in the Eastern Region stretching from St. John’s to Clarenville will be sent to Robin Hood Bay and all smaller waste sites will be closed.

How will the proposed changes affect us?

Collection cancellation – For collection cancellation a Public Notice will be on VOCM, CBC and OZFM by 7:00 am.

Bulk garbage pick-up – SSWM will hire a contractor for bulk item pick-up and these dates will be communicated to all residents and businesses.

Safety First

To ensure a safe working environment for the contractor the following list of Safety First guidelines must be followed:

  • Maximum bag weigh 25 Kg – 50 lbs.
  • Broken glass must be in puncture proof packaging clearly marked as BROKEN GLASS.
  • No Household Hazardous Waste.
  • No items larger then 48 inches or 4 feet long.

Non-Acceptable Materials

Materials that are not accepted at the curb during normal residential collections are:

  • Metals and White goods.
  • Bulk residential waste.
  • Household Hazardous Waste.
  • Liquid waste.
  • Tires.
  • Yard and garden trimmings.
  • Electronics.

Acceptable Materials

All materials that are generated through the normal day to day activities of a normal household and are not identified as non-acceptable material. Businesses that currently pay garbage collection fees to their Local Service District can continue to place their garbage out for collection.

Distance and Access

All waste must be placed at the end of your driveway or private lane by 7:00 am on your scheduled collection day, the contractor is not required to enter private property or laneways to fulfill the contracted services.

All waste boxes must be cleared of snow by 7:00 am on your collection day and boxes that are not cleared by 7:00 am will not be collected, guidelines for placement of waste boxes are currently being reviewed by the SSWM.

Service Fees

Acting as the business manager for SSWM, EWM will perform financial administration and contract management functions on behalf of the region, while SSWM is the authority responsible for the service. As a result, invoices for collection services will be distributed by the SSWM group but payments will be sent to the EWM.

Residents and business owners should be aware that the SSWM is doing everything it can to provide a reasonable cost solution to garbage collection and disposal. The cost of collection and disposal does have the ability to vary if the cost of fuel or disposal rates at the Regional Integrated Facility change. Such adjustments will be reflected in the invoices for both residents and businesses.

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