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Southwest Avalon

Collection Schedule

Click HERE for the newly posted 2018 Collection Schedule for the Southwest Avalon (Excluding Placentia)

Click HERE for the newly posted 2018 Collection Schedule for Placentia

Site Overview

Two Waste Recovery Facilities (WRF) are located in the Southwest Avalon: (1) the former Placentia Landfill site on Fox Harbour Road; and, (2) the former St. Joseph’s Landfill site. The WRF sites accept bulk household waste, such as appliances, furniture, mattresses, hot water tanks, electronics, metals, propane tanks, car and truck tires (rims removed), ATV and motorcycle tires, personal construction and demolition material, shingles, brush, etc. EWM will not accept anything that is recyclable or materials that decompose, including cardboard, clothing, food items, leaves, grass clippings, ash, or fish nets. 

Hours of Operation

Tuesday and Thursday, 12:00PM to 4:00PM, and Saturday, 8:00AM to 4:00PM, excluding holidays.

Other Information

Wood chips are available to the public at some of the sites for pick up (free of charge). Supply is limited and will vary by site. Please check with the local Site Attendant for more information.

This site does not accept commercial material or waste, including materials from contractors or businesses. Vehicles having any commercial signage will be refused entry. Commercial waste can be brought to Robin Hood Bay, or the Regional Transfer Station in Clarenville (with a valid commercial permit). The permit application form can be found HERE.

The Southwest Avalon region services the following communities:

Southeast Placentia, Freshwater, Jerseyside, Ferndale, Dunville, Placentia, Point Verde, Fox Harbour, Ship Harbour, Glen’s Cove, Angel’s Cove, St. Bride’s, Cuslett, Point Lance, Branch, Little Barsaway, Great Barasway, Gooseberry Cove, Ship Cove, Patrick’s Cove, St. Vincent’s-Peter’s River-St. Stephen’s, Gaskiers-Point La Haye, St. Mary’s, Riverhead, Mall Bay, Admiral’s Beach, O’Donnell’s, St. Joseph’s, Forest Field-New Bridge, Mt. Carmel-Mitchell’s Brook-St. Catherine’s, Harricott, Colinet, Route 91 (St.Catherine’s to North Harbour Junction), Route 92 to North Harbour (both sides), Reid’s Pond, Peak Pond, Placentia Junction

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Important Updates ↑↑

Household Hazardous Waste Collection September 2018

Updated locations and details of Household Hazardous Waste Collection Events in the Eastern Region on September 15, 2018 are available at  

Notice of Service - Waste, Recycling and Bulk Collection

Highway 91; West of intersection of Highway 91 and 92 to South East Placentia Road.

The Eastern Regional Service Board (ERSB) has been established by the Province of Newfoundland & Labrador to develop and implement modern waste management practices in the eastern region. Starting in May 2018 ERSB will be providing information to the property owners in the above listed areas regarding waste collection and recycling collection. Waste and recycling collection will start the first week in July. A guidebook will be delivered to each property which contains the exact dates of waste and recycling collection, bulk waste pick up and other important pieces of information. The  annual fee for service is $180 per property, however, since collection is starting the first week of July 2018 the fee for service will be prorated representing 26 weeks of service at $90.74.

There will be people canvassing the area. They will be carrying photo ID with the ERSB logo and an information package with details specific to your area. We ask that you please provide them with the property owners’ name and address. If no one is present at the time of our visit an information package will be left on the door, after which we will consider the property owner notified of the service.
Should you wish to contact us in advance and provide your name and mailing address please contact 709.579.7960. Everyone has a role to play in keeping our province clean and beautiful. At the Eastern Regional Service Board we’re committed to delivering consistent, sustainable waste management services to thousands of people in eastern Newfoundland. Visit our website at for details.