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Bulk Item Pickup

Eastern Waste Management provides curbside bulk item collection services across the Eastern Region on assigned bulk item pick-up days throughout the year. Please review the items accepted and not accepted, as well as some frequently asked questions below. Your scheduled bulk pick up day(s) throughout the year can be found on your regional calendar.

When is my bulk pick up day?

Bulk garbage pick-up varies by community throughout the region. Refer to your collection schedule on your region's page.

When do I place my bulk items on the curb?

All bulk items must be placed at the curbside/roadside by 7 a.m. on the day bulk collection begins in the area.

Why aren’t my bulk items picked up on the first day?

It may take a number of days for bulk items to be collected from all residences. To be as efficient as possible, not all materials will necessarily be collected at once. For example, furniture may be collected on day one and metal collected the following day. It is still important that all material is placed at the curb by 7 a.m. on the day collection begins.

How many bulk items can be collected from one property?

A limit of 500 lbs/226 kgs or one pick up load (whichever is less) will be collected from each household. Please note that individual items should be a maximum of 50 lbs/22 kgs.

How should items be placed at the curb?

Metal should be separated from other household items (like furniture) when placed at the curb. This helps ensure bulk garbage is collected in a timely manner.

Why are my eletronics not collected during bulk collection?

Old electronics in the Eastern region can be recycled free of charge through Electronic Products Recycling Association (ERPA).  You can find more information on drop-off centres and recycling electroncis at Therefore, we cannot collect electronics during curbside bulk collections.