Think Before You Throw

Garbage Collection

Along with our other service lines, Eastern Waste Management continues to provide weekly curbside/roadside garbage collection to communities. Residents are asked to ensure they adhere to their local bag limit, and keep the following reminders in mind when preparing your garbage material for collection:

  • Garbage must be in a garbage bag, not kitchen catchers or supermarket-sized bags.
  • Transparent blue bags for recycling only. Please do not use for garbage.
  • Each garbage bag should weigh no more than 22 kg or 50 lbs.
  • BROKEN GLASS, SHARPS, KNIVES can injure our collectors and must be placed in puncture-proof packaging and marked as “broken glass” or “sharps”.
  • Syringes must be in puncture-proof packaging to go out with regular waste.
  • Fish nets and Rope will not be accepted.
  • Bundled materials must be less than 1.5 meters or 4 feet in length.
  • Household Hazardous Waste should not be amongst your garbage.


Please note that empty paint cans may be dried out and put out for collection with your regular garbage or held for metal collection during bulk collection.

Waste that does not meet the above requirements may be left behind with an orange tag. Orange tags will indicate the reason waste was left behind. Once waste meets the requirements it will be removed.

Please do not leave items that are not intended for waste collection near the garbage box or collection area as they may be collected as weekly or bulk waste.