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Directed by the Eastern Regional Service Board, Eastern Waste Management works together with communities to bring residents and commercial users across the Eastern Region in Newfoundland the services they need to participate in responsible waste management and contribute to protecting our environment.


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Fair Waste For Eastern Newfoundland

We’re committed to delivering consistent, sustainable waste management services to thousands of people in eastern Newfoundland. We provide year-round collection and drop-off services to both full-time and seasonal properties for $180 annually. This fee is calculated based on the total cost of the service, and that total cost is divided equally between every household in the service area. It’s how we get the highest quality service to the most people in our region, consistently and dependably. Learn more about our approach at

Winter Residential Waste Drop off Locations

Eastern Regional Service Board (Eastern Waste Management) has established winter residential waste drop off locations in some areas for the period of January 1 to March 1, 2018. These sites are required whereas roads may become periodically inaccessible throughout the winter. Contractors have been advised to perform curbside collection where and when possible (i.e.: if road conditions permits); however, property owners may utilize the winter residential waste drop off locations anytime to dispose of their residential waste. Property owners are also reminded that these drop off locations are NOT bulk garbage drop-offs. Bulk waste must be discarded during one of the bulk waste-specific collection days as indicated on the Collection Schedule for the area. Thank you for your cooperation. Please click FIND YOUR REGION to determine if this notice affects your individual collection area. 

New Harbour 2018 Collection Day Update

Please note that the collection day originally communicated in the 2018 Guidebook for the community of New Harbour, Trinity Bay was incorrect. The correct collection day for 2018 is Wednesday of each week. Eastern Waste Management apologizes for any inconvenience this may cause. A new collection calendar can be downloaded below.

**Click here for the new 2018 Collection Schedule for New Harbour.**

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Community News

Grand Opening Whitbourne Waste Recovery Facility

The Eastern Regional Service Board (ERSB) has been established by the Province of Newfoundland & Labrador to develop and implement modern waste management practices in the eastern region. On June 7, 2016 ERSB started operating a...